Four Compelling Reasons to Give Pet Portraits a Try

Your walls define your taste and personality, which is why we love decorating them with things we adore and cherish. There is no better way to instantly turn your boring, bare walls into stunning masterpieces than animal portraits. Interestingly, nowadays, you can also have oil paintings on canvas or lovely pet portraits made by artists. So you can relish the treasured memories of your beloved furry friend for more years to come.

  • Capture Your Pet’s Personality

Pets are no doubt the most pampered membered of the family. That’s why they deserve a portrait that is unique and incredibly personal. There are so many beautiful moments that we share with our pets that go uncaptured. Custom pet portraits are a great way to capture those moments with the same feeling and finesse.

  • Preserve Treasured Memories

It’s not necessary to make pet portraits when they are gone. You can still have their custom oil portrait created when they are alive. They act like special keepsakes that will remind you of all the beautiful moments and times spent with your four-legged friends. Artists are experts at capturing the real emotions and personalities of pets, ensuring a realistic, ready-to-hang portrait of your beloved furry friend.

  • Bring Coziness to Your Living Space

If you want to add a warm and cozy touch to your living space, you can never go with realistic pet portraits. Also, they give a sense of happiness and satisfaction that your beloved pet is always with you. Whenever you feel low, empty, and sad, you can simply look at the portrait and give yourself a much-needed dose of happiness.

  • Celebrate Your Special Bond

There is no doubt pets are true companions of humans and stand beside their owners through thick and thin. While most pets may have a short life expectancy, their memories can be cherished forever by capturing their moments in a custom piece of art. It may be emotionally difficult to think of this in advance, but you can go with oil paintings on canvas or lovely pet portraits and keep them close to your heart forever.

Contact Zetta Karmas for Bespoke Pet Portraits

If you feel it’s a great time to turn your beloved pet’s photo into a realistic oil hand-painted portrait, contact Zetta Karmas. You can also buy our horse paintings in black and white that are sure to bring positivity, happiness, and peace to your living space. Contact us now!

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