Who I Am

My purpose is to touch people’s’ lives through my paintings and to bring harmony and balance into their environment. I am driven by my need for creative and intellectual expression! A multi-faceted life enthusiast, I inherited my artistic passion from my father. As a child growing up in Athens, Greece I was fascinated by vibrant colors, the complexity of light and shadows, and the way art connected me with my subjects. I discovered that I could channel the energy and feeling of a subject into my paintings.

Though I attended several workshops as a student in London and New York City, many of my techniques are uniquely my own. As a self-taught artist I feel free to unrestrainedly explore the boundless well of my own creativity. I enjoy painting a variety of subjects, exploring the variety of lights, colors, and textures in landscapes, seascapes, animals, and birds.

I practiced interior design in New York City for 23 years before relocating to Jupiter, Florida. My experience in design lends balance and harmony to my art. With over two decades of experience and relentless ambition, I am prepared to tackle a variety of custom orders or requests.

My work is a direct reflection of my creative mind, and I love to produce meaningful pieces that inspire a depth of emotion. I have always been drawn to expression and the feeling that comes with it. I am fascinated by the contrast between light and dark, color and shadows. I prefer to paint with oils because of the intensity of the color. For black and white I opt for charcoal for the texture it gives. I try to approach each project with a deep sense of wonder for the subject as well as the medium.

When I am not channeling inspiration, I enjoy riding my bicycle and expanding my cultural horizons by visiting art museums and exhibitions. I unwind with dancing and painting.  My original images are available as limited edition reproductions on canvas in custom sizes. My work is also available for viewing by appointment in my Jupiter, Florida studio.

If you have any questions  be sure to contact me for more information.

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